This module manages contracts, delivery schedule and contract papers workflow. Enables sales and support teams to maximize revenue potential through centralized contract management with real-time access to contracts terms and schedules.

SOLIS – Contracts facilitates collaboration between you and your partners by automating documents flow. This module allows you to keep track of all contracts and additional documents, to centralize them and closely pursue their unwinding, starting with the initial phase of editing and signing, through deliveries and service performance, up to successfully closing or modification of contract.

SOLIS will help you efficiently manage all the contracts your company has, by providing specific functionalities such as:

  • Automatical generation of contracts: you now have the possibility to quickly edit contracts, following  well known patterns, wich are easy to configure, according to the transaction specific features. Every editing page has its well defined data fields and fill-in variants, to facilitate your work.
  • Data migration: as edit options, you can include a contract in the system by importing information either from database or other documents (price offers, orders, proceedings, auctions, other older contracts).
  • Avoiding mistakes: SOLIS minimizes the risk of using incorrect data to edit documents. All information you may import into documents ought to be coherent with all the parameters you establish (like pricing or quantity limitations), and will be verified by the system.
  • Client status tracking:  you will be able to consult your clients up-to-date situation, with all the contracts between them and your company.
  • Delivery notifications: when including a new contract in the system or editing an older one, you may assign delivery notifications (at a certain date, at order, periodical: weekly, monthly, quarterly, haf-yearly, yearly); the information here will automatically migrate to the delivery module, so you dead-lines will be always honored
  • Contracts centralization: SOLIS will be evam more helpful to your sales department; you will have the possibility  to quickly find:
  • Deliveries that need to be done, in accordance with the time period until dead-line or external suppliers.
  • All contracts, by status, products, institution or contract type, county, agent, dates, notifications, etc.

To see how SOLIS – Contracts works, please see our demo version.

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