CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and covers all aspects related to interaction with customers, may they be present or potential clients. A good CRM program allows a business to acquire new customers, and also retain valuable clients.

SOLIS CRM is a powerful instrument that can be easily adapted to your company’s communication needs and guarantees access to all the information you need considering your clients and their relation with your company, and also the necessary tools to fully turn account of this information.

With SOLIS  CRM you can easily access and manage data regarding:

Actual and potential clients, their complete details, including: contact details (phone number, fax, address, email, web), banking account, sales agent, general observations.

Contact persons: name, position, contact details, various observations.

Sales agents and representatives: with all their specific clients, client visits and results.

Having all this information at your disposal, it will be easy for you to give fast and accurate answers to your customers and improve your company’s activity by:

  • Identifying what customers value and develop appropriate sale strategies for each customer
  • Managing and scheduling follow-up sales visits or calls
  • Managing and scheduling maintenance, repair, and on-going support
  • Tracking all contacts with a customer
  • Identifying potential problems before they actually occur and mess up your business.
  • Storing customer interests in order to target customers selectively, by classifying them as it is necessary.
  • Setting and consulting reminders on follow-up visits or tasks.
  • Releasing high volume marketing campaigns – SOLIS CRM allows you to automatically generate personalized emails, invitations, newsletters and send them to your clients or manage call center features.

As about the structure of this module, SOLIS CRM includes three well defined but still related sections : clients, persons and visits, wich are also graduated in evan more precise parts, to facilitate your immediate access to needed information.

SOLIS CRM is also the first step to consulting your every client’s daily situation, showing all the documents generated for a particular customer:  sent offers, orders, contracts, bills, technical support and maintenance.

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