SOLIS Reports

Monitoring your company’s activity has a very special statute in building a successful business. The proper analysis of relevant and up-to-date information about business activities inside your organization and relationships with your customers and partners may be the key to a stable evolving of your company.

For this reason we developed SOLIS – Reports, a Business Activity Monitoring application, not necessarily as an integrant part of SOLIS, but as a proper solution for anyone who needs a framework for efficiently pursue business processes.

SOLIS – Reports provides accurate information about the status and results of any process or operation, as it allows the generation of complex and flexible reports, from any type of  relational database, not exclusively the SOLIS database.

The SOLIS-generated reports are easy to configure, according to every client’s specific features and they allow data mining, so everyone could reach the information they need, quickly and with no effort.

SOLIS-generated reports examples

  • commercial visits reports
  • agents activity, commissions
  • offers / orders / contracts reports
  • invoices / payment status
  • merchandise deliveries
  • stock reports (quantity / values / expiring date)
  • external orders, payments reports

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