SOLIS – Orders is a complex and powerful instrument, developed to respond to the specific features of distribution companies and their role of mediating between customers and suppliers. Solis – orders allows your sales team to keep track of orders and deliveries evolution up to the smallest details.

This SOLIS module takes distribution companies to their most efficient level of activity. Our main concern was to provide accurate solutions for the specific problems that may occur in this type of organizations. Therefore, we developed a solution for processing information in order to simplify the sales process.

For ex, SOLIS can sum up all clients orders and optimum stock required quantity, both on product or supplier, and recommend an external order to your purveyor,  according to other parameters defined by the system administrator.  It also automatically identifies unrolling orders than can and should be delivered every time a new supplier order arrives.

What can you do with SOLIS – Orders?

  • Register new orders from clients, by importing in no-time all the required information from the database or other docs.
  • Orders editing, now more simple, with the possibility of:
  • detailed stock display, for every particular product.
  • managing ordered quantities of certain products
  • price management, for one or more products
  • Alert setting (installation, periodical intervention), if it is required.
  • order confirmation
  • easy supervising of every order state, by giving specific attributes like: initiated / partially delivered / pendent  / cancelled
  • generating and managing orders additional documents, for modifying the stock: order bills, reservations, proceedings.
  • bill printing and payment supervising
  • identifying orders that can be delivered once an external order arrived.
  • consulting all orders history, for each client

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