A CRM module which allows you to oversee payments related to orders or invoices in the SOLIS database.

Detailed payment control is by all means an important aspect in any sales activity. SOLIS allows you to register details about all payments and to access payment history or personalised reports at any time.

Payment module functionalities:

  • payment register – add all payments to the database, using vertical dynamic lists, easily and rapidly
  • check payment history by month
  • sort or order payment lists, increasing or decreasing by client name, bank account, date, invoice number, order value, currency rate or operation type.
  • order related payment: for each client, an up-to-date list of unpayed invoices and orders is available, allowing you to connect each new payment to the client’s history
  • invoice status: in each order’s details page you have information about each invoice and its payment status: payment date, or partial payment date and partial amount

Related to each user’s needs, information in the payment control module can be organised in dynamic reports, see SOLIS Reports.

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