• Sales force automation for more efficient distribution activity
  • Better customer services
  • Better communication between company’s departments
  • Immediate information access
  • Easy-to-use framework
  • Historical database, allows complex reports generation
  • Multiple security levels
  • System flexibility, adaptability
  • Information access over internet
  • Technical support
  • Free of charge updates
  • No additional costs

Online 24/7

Do you need permanent control over your business?

Solis online 24/7

Solis online 24/7

SOLIS is online 24/7. You have secure access to the database from home, from your clients’ office, from traffic or from anywhere else.


  • SOLIS has a modular structure, including well defined sections, but yet closely interconnected, wich allows efficient and rapid data migration.
  • The client-server technology on wich SOLIS is based permits data access and processing to multiple users at the same time, and real-time information actualisation. This client-server technology, together with the web interface and the relational database ensures the system’s flexibility and independence.
  • The user-friendly web interface was designed to facilitate the usage of  SOLIS and the full exploitation of the system,  ragardless of the users qualifications or their position in the company.
  • The relational historical database SOLIS manages assures various data management possibilities, through data mining, reports generation, information synthesis and other data operations applied to a very large amount of information.
  • The modular structure of SOLIS also ensures efficient data protection, as it allows restricted access to certain parts of the system to every user, according to their position and attributions.
  • On the other side, SOLIS reduces the risk of human errors occurrance, as all the information in the system are introduced once, and only if they are coherent with the already existing informations. For instance, every document needs to be validated in accordance with some settled values and parameters before it will accepted by the system.

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