Developed to meet the specific needs of equipment distributors, this module allows them to keep track of every equipment they delivered, with all maintenance interventions and documents. It also offers the possibility to set alerts for future or periodical interventions.

SOLIS manages the whole equipment maintenance activity, meeting all the demands that a distribution company may face. With SOLIS – Maintenance you will be able to respond more efficiently to your customers applications.

Each equipment may be identified by an unique serial number, wich leads to the complete history of the equipment, with all the maintenance interventions, repairs and specific documents.

SOLIS offers multiple possibilities of managing the equipment maintenance activity of your company:

  • the complete list of all the equipments one customer has, whether it makes the object of a maintenance contract or not, available in the customer’s details page.
  • simple management of these equipments by adding or removing different components.
  • planning maintenance interventions in advance. You will be able to set assembly or periodical revison interventions even when attaching a new contract to SOLIS database.
  • setting repair notifications or intervention reminders and ascribing specific status attributes for each of these actions, to easily observe whether they have been resolved or not.
  • the maintenance documents management:
  • maintenance contracts – by closely observing their unfolding or adding new maintenance contracts.
  • specific documents – SOLIS automatically generates maintenance intervention documents, wich will remain attached to the equipment they refer to. Specific documents may also be scanned and attached to the system

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